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Five Common Mistakes Private Practitioners Make on Social Media

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Have you ever felt lost in the social media realm of your business? We had the privilege of interviewing K2 Visionaries very own, Marketing Intern Extraordinaire, Jessica Jefferson, a registered Marriage & Family Intern and owner of Cloud Nine Therapy Services, on her knowledge of social media. Jessica is the current secretary of Broward Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (BAMFT), and the previous President of the MFT Club of Nova Southeastern University.   We trust her expertise on how to target the clientele we want as she is naturally talented within the tech and social media worlds.  Jessica also has a lot of credibility as she is our marketing intern helping us reach therapists across the globe. 

Jessica started off interested in Psychology, which led her into a Master’s Degree that she wasn’t passionate about. She took a risk and went for her Marriage and Family Therapy degree instead and absolutely fell in love. From then on, she wanted to be in private practice.

We first asked the question, “What is the best advice you ever received for building a business and becoming an entrepreneur in the private practice arena?”

Know who you are and your brand, and find ways to capture it that demonstrate it to your audience.

Jumping into the Five Common Mistakes that Private Practitioners Make on Social Media

  • Creating a profile instead of a page

Pages offer far more capabilities and a bigger target audience. You are also able to add reviews, schedule posts, create Call to Action (CTA) posts, and drive your viewers to your website! Have a clear and distinct professional page helps you keep your personal Facebook private.

  • Not creating original content

Make sure you keep your voice!  Stay true to yourself and your brand. Create your own style that viewers look forward to logging on to read. Let your viewers see your therapeutic voice through your blogs, and build up your SEO! Wait, what’s SEO? SEO: Search Engine Optimization; This is how Google ranks your website and gets it noticed – you ALWAYS want to be higher up on the Google search!

  • Not updating your website and utilizing it for social media

Make sure your site is clean, crisp, and continuously updated. Fresh new content and information will get you noticed by viewers. Create a target audience and gear your social media towards that. If you enjoy working with teens, specialize your website to cater to that target market!

  • Posting infrequently

Jessica recommends to post at least three times a week on social media outlets. Keep your audience engaged and get yourself out there! What if you’re allergic to posting (haha)?? Schedule your posts ahead of time! Utilize different platforms such as Hoot Suite or Buffer (all free!), to do the dirty work!

  • Not researching your social media platform

Reach the right demographic by reaching the right platform.  Follow the trends and acknowledge what’s happening in your arena in order to maximize the platform you’re marketing to.  Remember you have different audiences – Males more frequently are on Facebook or LinkedIn over Pinterest. Women are across the board, and the millennials will be found on Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine.

In order to be where she is today in business, Jessica had to learn how to understand the ins and outs of the field.  Graduating with virtually no business experience left her blindsided at what step to take next in regards to a private practice.  So what did she do to overcome this? Through collaboration and growing in the field, Jessica was able to figure out what she was skilled at and focus her energy on those strengths.  She was never afraid to ask for help and utilized different resources in order to gain even more knowledge in the field and come out on top.

Jessica’s parting gift of guidance…

“Don’t be scared of Social Media. Even if you are not very knowledgeable, it’s not as scary as it seems.”

Connect with Jessica, she’d love to hear from you!

Facebook Page: Cloud 9 Therapeutic Services

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~Dr. Kate, Katie & The Private Practice Startup Team



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