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Overhelmed busniesswoman holds her head as she looks at mounds of paperwork. This could represent the stress from trying to deal with private practice paperwork. Contact Private Practice Startup to learn of our free HIPAA forms in Fort Lauderdale, FL to support your practice.

Grab Your FREE Attorney Approved Private Practice HIPAA Form.

Save time, money, and avoid legal issues by using our HIPPA compliance form that meet the legal and ethical standards of our profession. 

Protect Your Practice With a Legal & Ethical HIPAA Form & Private Practice Paperwork

A woman smiles as she types on her laptop at the kitchen table. This could represent a private practice owner happy after finding a HIPAA form for her private practice paperwork. Contact us for free HIPAA compliance forms, private practice paperwork, and other services!
Let’s face it, if you could just do therapy, work with the clients you love, and do away with a HIPAA form and paperwork, you probably would right?!?


You’d save time, have more energy, and have more fun! You might even be able to see more clients, hence make more money, have more fun, and repeat!


Instead, you have that pesky paperwork always lurking around. It feels as if it's staring you in the face, never coming off your endless to-do list.


When it comes to the legal and admin business tasks, don’t you want to get them done and over with?


I mean... I bet you don’t wake up excited to do private practice paperwork.


Well, neither do we! We’d rather grow our privacy practices and focus on literally anything else...


Let’s be honest...


Here are just some of the reasons why you don’t have legal and ethical paperwork yet:


  • Who’s got time for this anyway? Netflix is way more interesting.

  • Don’t know what specific HIPAA form you need or where to begin creating it. 

  • Legal and admin stuff is NOT why you became a therapist.

  • Attorneys and their fees are ridiculously expensive.

  • Researching all of the laws and ethics is time-consuming.

  • Creating paperwork from scratch is overwhelming and completely boring. 


Yup - we’ve been there and we have a solution for you! But first, let's take a moment to introduce ourselves... 

Get Your FREE HIPAA Form Now!

Rave Reviews
The therapist Laura Long smlies because she downloaded our free HIPPA form and private practice paperwork. Contact us for free HIPAA forms and free forms needed for counseling in a private practice

Laura Long, LMFT of Your Badass Therapy Practice

“The paperwork package is a MUST HAVE for anyone in private practice. I have the Peak Package and it’s AMAZING. I don’t ever have to worry about getting sued. I recommend it for all of my badass tribe members.”

The therapist Mathew Jeanius smiles because they are happy with the HIPPA forms they received from Private Practice Startup. Contact us for private practice paperwork, HIPAA compliance forms, and other services!

Mathew Jeanius, LMFT of Beach Stone Counseling

"It's amazing how much more PROFESSIONAL my business became as a result of having the right paperwork. I became more CONFIDENT in private practice. What I purchased was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR."

The therapist Melanie Taylor smiles thanks to the private practice paperwork she received from Private Practice Startup. We have free HIPPA forms to support your private practice. Learn about our HIPAA compliance forms today!

Melanie Taylor, LPC of Healing Tree Therapy

I’m LOVING the paperwork I purchased!! I cannot believe all the forms that were there and how in depth they were!! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, because EVERY clinician needs to have these in their private practice. Love you guys️️️!

We're Kate & Katie...
2 Therapists with Entrepreneurial Spirits

We are two South Florida therapists who had a desire to build our dream practices and live our dream lives (just like you). 


We wanted to live life on our terms. We would become our own boss, create our own schedules, and work with the clients we are most called to serve. All while being paid well for the work we do.  

We both built our individual private practices from the ground up. In short, we did all the wrong things. Through these growing pains, we learned how to build, market, and grow successful private practices. 


Once we learned how to do this, we created sustainable and thriving 6-figure, full-fee private practices. The best part, we’ve helped so many therapists (just like you) do the same! 

Kate and Katie stand against an illistrated wall. Their Private Practice Startup offers a free HIPAA form to support your private practice. Learn more today for private practice paperwork today.

Why Therapists Need a HIPAA Form and Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork 

A smiling woman waves at her laptop while siting at a table. This could represent the peace of mind of knowing their private practice paperwork is approved and legally sound. Contact us to learn of our free HIPAA form and other free forms needed for counseling in a private practice

We’re therapists too (just like you)! We started our private practices over a decade ago. Then, there were very few practice-building resources available like there are today.


We knew we needed paperwork, but didn’t know where to get legal and ethical private practice forms. 


We hate to even admit this, but back in the day, we were both “gifted” hand-me-down private practice paperwork. At the time, we were ecstatic to receive this “gift” because when you are a new business owner, hand-me-downs from a colleague always seem like a good idea, right?!?


We considered it a gift back then. But, we soon realized that there were a lot of gaping holes in the paperwork. This left ourselves and clients wide open to legal risk. Eeek! 


We knew if we had no access to comprehensive legal and ethical paperwork and HIPAA, neither did many other therapists.  


So… that inspired us to go on a mission where we did all of the hard work for you.  


We worked over 100+ hours researching all the laws and ethics. We created all the private practice paperwork you could ever need. In fact, we hired many health care law and family law attorneys to review and approve all 20+ documents (80+ pages).


Then, we paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to.  


We would love for you to steal (legally) our legal and ethical HIPAA form for FREE! 


Private Practice Startup wants you to rest easy knowing all your bases are covered when it comes to your private practice paperwork.  We're confident you will love the paperwork so much that you'll want more. Of course, we will share how you can grab the Paperwork Document Generator. This includes all 20+ forms, and some cool bonuses to help you grow your private practice.  


To take advantage of the free HIPAA form, follow these simple steps: 


  1. Provide your email and name before clicking the button below

  2. Download your free HIPAA compliance form

  3. Focus on your practice and less on the paperwork!   

Other Services Offered with The Private Practice Startup 

Our free HIPAA form isn't the only service offered at Private Practice Startup. We offer a variety of services to help your private practice thrive! Other services offered include private practice coaching, our Marketing E-Course, a la carte paperwork, business paperwork, supervision paperwork, and private practice paperwork. For more practice building support, check out our podcast!

It's Time to Work Smarter,

Not Harder. So You Can...

  • Fill your practice with your ideal clients

  • Make more money and work less hours

  • Simplify your business success with a step by step proven system

  • Say goodbye to exhausted and ineffective marketing strategies

Get Your FREE HIPAA Form Now!

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