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Episode 189 - Telehealth and Insurance Billing

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startup nation, meet:

Kym Tolson

Kym Tolson was a brick and mortar therapist for 10 years and she used an insurance biller. Over a 6 month time period, she was fired by her billers (long story) AND decided to take her practice all online. She had to scramble and decided to be her own biller all at the same time.

Through these changes, she decided to develop a course to help other therapists accomplish the same goals. Currently, she is a telehealth therapist living as a digital nomad & billing insurance companies.

Show notes

  1. Decide if a telehealth practice is right for you.

  2. Marketing strategy to find out which insurance companies pay for telehealth. Do they require a 3rd party platform or will your own HIPAA compliant platform suffice?

  3. Start billing for telehealth- modifiers and location codes.

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