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Episode 265 - Alexa's Success Story, Where Are They Now?

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startup nation, meet:

Alexa von Oertzen

Alexa worked for 5 years servicing high-risk teens and families, both in non-profit agencies and behavioral schools, with the goal of keeping teens from entering DJJ or harming themselves.

She started her private practice in 2014, working also with teens and families to enhance their relationships, offer communication tools, and elevate their sense of worth, agency, and happiness.

Alexa loves mending relationships and helping teens and adults find their strengths and abilities in order to conquer obstacles and build better lives.

Alexa also benefits from speaking Portuguese and understanding the unique needs of the Brazilian community in South Florida, such as their particular customs and the difficulty of them integrating into the American culture.

Show notes

  1. Turned her struggles into her strengths

  2. Adapting- self-love- positive talk- gratefulness- perseverance

  3. Life in Corporate America- learned about business plans- multitasking- engaging people from all classes/ cultures

  4. Self-inventory and finding my passion and purpose in Marriage and Family therapy

  5. How the e-marketing course helped me narrow down who I most love to work with and improved how I attract this customer by showing them how I can help their specific needs.

  6. We are our best when we find ourselves and figure out what we love and are meant to do. Anything is possible if you believe it is. Success is the love for what we do. The Money will certainly come, as the consequence of all that positive and focused energy we put into it.

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