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Podcast #196

Join Kate & Katie as they are interviewed by Chrissy Barlahan on:


"Up Close and Personal with Kate & Katie". 

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Startup Nation, Meet Kate & Katie:

What’s up #StartupNation!?! We’re so excited you’re here. In case you’re new to our community, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the right) and my business partner aka “BP” Katie Lemieux, LMFT is on the left.


We both built our thriving, 6-figure full-fee private practices from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals across the globe to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice!

We have a blast co-hosting the podcast! We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

Show Notes:

You might know us as "Kate and Katie", hosts of The Private Practice Startup Podcast 🎤🎧 and private practice builders and coaches helping therapists build and grow their dream practices🌠🌈.

You might be curious about our personal lives🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️. What were we like growing up as kids? What was our family life like👩‍👦? What hobbies did we have? What led us to be therapists🗣👤? What our favorite secret obsession is💙💜?

Well, in this podcast we sit on the other side of the mic 🎤 as Chrissy Barlahan interviews us on this episode of Up Close and Personal.

Let’s get, “Up Close and Personal”, Listen in NOW! 🎤🎧

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Guest's Contact Info:
Meet Your Special Host - Chrissy Barlahan:

We had the pleasure of inviting Chrissy Barlahan back on the podcast to be our special guest interviewer for the Up Close and Personal Podcast Mini-Series. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode with Chrissy called, "If I Can Do it, You Can Do it Too!: 4 Tips to Grow a Private Practice From an Intern."


Here's a little about Chrissy...  

Chrissy managed to finish grad school having moved far away from family and friends, having a very difficult pregnancy, and birthing an 8lb wild child. She built a FULL private practice 20+ clients in about 5 months! Chrissy spends her days off chasing her sweet son, watching guilty pleasure tv with her husband, and taking out my daily stress in her kickboxing classes.

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